We can provide an alternative to going to court and that is through Arbitration.  The process in which we will try to resolve any types of conflicts involving Commercial, Consumer, Labor and more.  This process will save you from the hefty cost of going to court and is much more efficient.  

Our Arbitration Specialists

Our Calgary Lawyers can provide their services in any area of Business Law or also known as Commercial/Corporate Law.  We can identify solutions during times of legal troubles such as Anti-Trust Violations, Bankruptcy, Employment Issues, Tax Burden Minimization and many more

Our Business Lawyers

Our Criminal Defence Lawyer, William Wister, has 28 years of experience and has joined our firm to share his knowledge with you.  If you have been accused of a criminal offence or need criminal law advice, please contact William directy at (403) 331-1325 immediately before you go forward with anything.   

Our Criminal Lawyers

If you or your company have not been paid for products or services you provided, we offer an economical yet professional debt collection service.  We are experienced at using the Civil Division of the Provincial Court to efficiently collect your balance of up to $50,000 and have the legal team to pursue larger balances through the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Our Collections Specialist

If you feel like your employee rights are being jeopardized, please contact one of our lawyers before you proceed to initiate contact with your employer.  Our employment lawyers can help resolve any labor issues dealing with severance, wrongful dismissal, workplace harassment and many more.

Our Employment Lawyers

We respect our clients and we understand that this might be one of the most difficult periods of time in your life.  We value privacy and confidentiality and will support you 100% through this process.  Family Law can include Divorce, Child/Spousal Support, Child Custody and many more.

Moving to a different country is intimidating and even more scary when you do not speak the language.  With that in mind, we offer our legal services in 10 languages to better communicate the legal immigration problems for you.  Our immigration team is empathetic and all want you to succeed here in Canada.

Our Immigration Team

Our Calgary Lawyers will do everything in their legal power to protect your rights in court and through any legal proceedings.  Some of our litigation practices include; Business Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation, Public Interest Litigation, Civil Litigation and many more.    


Our Litigation Team

Whether you're a Landlord, Tenant, Buyer or Seller we can assist you in any legal proceedings related to Real Estate Law.  Some areas in Real Estate that we cover are; Commercial Leasing, Mortgage Law, Real Estate Legal Transactions and many more.

Our Real Estate Lawyers

Managing your own Wills can be tough and confusing.  Our Will's Lawyers can walk you through how to start your own Will and how to divide your Assets and Estates.  Come see our lawyers for a more detailed look on how to start your own Will

Our Will and Estates Lawyers

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