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March 14, 2018

By: William Chan

You have tried saving your marriage numerous times - through mediation, marriage counselling or directly talking about your problems to your significant other.  If your marriage is beyond repair you may be considering a divorce.

Initiating a divorce could be the most significant decision you can make in your life and could impact the lives of your children and many years to come.  

Although there isn’t a specific answer on whether or not a divorce is right for you, below are some divorce statistics that may help you consider to stay or leave your current marriage.  

calgary family lawyers

Divorce and Separation

There are 841,315 Canadians who are separated and 1,924,838 who are divorced in 2017.  Separation is different from being divorced, it legally entails that you’re still in a marriage but do not live together.  “An overwhelming majority of couples who are legally separated get divorced within 3 years” (marriage.com).

If you’re considering a divorce, you’re not alone - there are approximately 7.5% of total Canadians who are divorced or separated.  

Getting divorced may not be the right choice for you but the alternative might be legal separation for you and your partner.  There are many benefits of being legally separated and can be advantageous financially, emotionally and physically.


Should I get a divorce in Canada

Average Length of Divorced Marriages

According to a study done by Vanier Institute, the length of divorced marriages lasted an average of 13.7 years (in 2008) and a majority of the couples didn’t have children.  

In 2005, the average age for men to get a divorce was 44 while women were 41. During this 13.7 year time frame, reflect on your relationship - think about if you two are either growing together or apart and then consider your decision once more.  

Almost ½ of Marriages in Canada End in a Divorce

The estimated divorce rate in 2008 was expected to be 41% as predicted by the Vanier Institute.  That is one of the highest percentages since the mid 1980s.

 There are many reasons to why the divorce rate has risen - infidelity, emotional/physical abuse,  lack of communication, money, or they just don’t meet your expectations.

Child Custody

In most cases, your child may be the only thread holding you and your marriage together.  A parent will always want to be with their child but the statistics on this show more of an advantage for mothers.

Based on Stat Canada’s study, it shows that 80% of custody arrangements are exclusively for mothers. But fear not, if you’re a father you still have a chance at shared custody arrangements.  

Should I get a Divorce in Canada

Average Divorce Costs

Based on a legal fee survey by Canadian Lawyer Mag, a contested divorce will cost you (on average) 10 times more than an uncontested divorce.  

If you do plan to end your marriage - try to have a mutual agreement to save some costs for yourself.  Although contested divorces are very pricey - a majority of divorce cases are uncontested and shouldn’t cost you every dollar in your bank account.  

Take Time to Reconsider Your Marriage

According to a study done by students from the University of Alberta and Brigham Young University, 50% of couples thinking about divorce reconsider a year later.  

What does this mean? Try and work your marriage out first before finalizing your choice because who knows, you may find a resolution to your current problems.

Divorce Canada

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