Corporate Questionnaire

Will this be a named or numbered corporation?

What will your corporation's name be?

In the rare event that there are any issues registering your corporate name, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.

Do you want ShimLaw to obtain an Alberta NUANS® report for your corporate name?

Alberta NUANS® report is required in order for your incorporation to be completed. It is valid for 80 days.

Registered Office Address

The corporation's registered office address is where the corporation is located and available to public. Any and all government notices and documents to be served to this address. The Registered Office Address can not be a P.O. Box.





Postal Code

Records Office Address is same as its Registered Office Address?

Corporate minutes are kept at the records office.

Mailing Address is same as its Registered Office Address?

Mailing address is where mail is sent. It MUST be a P.O. Box if different.

Contact Person

The contact person authorizes registration of this corporation and may be contacted by LawDepot staff, registry agents, or the Alberta Government if additional details are required.


Full Address
Identification No.

Canada Revenue Accounts

We are able to register your corporation for a business number (and a corporate tax account) immediately after your incorporation is filed. We can also register your corporation for GST/HST and/or Payroll accounts.

Will your corporation have any revenues?

You will need a corporate tax account as you will have revenues.

Will your corporation have annual revenues of at least $30,000 or you want to be able to claim GST/HST credits?

You will need a GST/HST account in addition to your corporate tax account.

Will you be hiring and paying any employees?

You will need a payroll account as you will be hiring and paying employees.

Would you like ShimLaw to look after obtaining a business number, corporate tax account, GST/HST Account and a Payroll Account for your Corporation? +$60

Will the Contact Person be a director of the corporation?

A director is elected by the shareholders of a corporation to conduct the affairs of the company. There must be at least one director.

At least 1/4 of the Board of Directors must be resident Canadians

Social Insurance Number

Date of Birth

Canada Revenue Agency requires your SIN and Date of Birth for the account registration. Make sure that your numbers are correct and your names provided match those associated with your Social Insurance Number. Any mistakes will significantly increase the time needed.

Home Phone
Work Phone

Would you like ShimLaw to prepare a minute book for your corporation?

To be properly organized, a corporation needs oraganizational documents, like those included in the minute books we offer. Many banks now require these documents to open a new bank account.

How quickly do you need your incorporation filed?

Are you applying for a new business or existing business?

Is your expected annual worldwide GST/HST taxable sales, including those of any associates, more than $30,000?

If your sales are less than $30,000, you can still voluntarily register for GST/HST to claim those credits.

Do you operate a taxi or limousine service?

Enter your estimated amount of sales in Canada for the following fiscal year:


Enter your estimated amount of sales outside of Canada for the following fiscal year:


Enter the fiscal year-end for GST/HST purposes:

Your fiscal year is the tax year or financial year of your business. You will usually use a calendar year. (e.g. December 31st, January 31st, etc.)

Select your GST/HST reporting period:

Reporting period options are available to you based on GST/HST taxable sales in Canada, as follows:

Less than $1.5 Million - Annually, Quarterly, Monthly
Between $1.5 Million and $6 Million - Quarterly, Monthly
More than $6 Million - Monthly

Clearly describe your major business activity. Give as much detail as possible.

Specify up to three main products or services that you provide or contract, and the estimated percentage of revenue they each represent.

Specify up to three main products or services that you provide or contract, and the estimated percentage of revenue they each represent.

Product or Service % of Revenue

Select the type of payment(s) that you are making:

How often will you pay your employee(s)?

Select all options that apply

Do you use a payroll service?

What is the maximum number of employee(s) that you expect to work for you at any one time over the next 12 months?

What is the estimated salary of the employee(s) over the next 12 months?


When will you make your first payment to your employee(s)?

Is your business year-round or seasonal?

Is the Corporation a subsidiary or an affiliate of a foreign Corporation?

Are you a franchisee?

Please provide any special instructions regarding this incorporation here:

Completing this information is optional. Information entered here is only for the reference of ShimLaw staff and agents. For example, an alternate way to be contacted.

Corporate supplies to be sent to: