Arbitration is a process of adjudication whereby both parties agree to retain a neutral third-party in order to settle the issues at stake. It is a legally binding process, and the process is governed by the Arbitration Act of Alberta and terms of any arbitration agreement. Arbitration is often used for the resolution of commercial disputes, civil dispute, family disputes and employment disputes, etc. It is often used because it has a number of advantages over a trial in court. First, it is less adversarial than litigation. Second, the parties can participate in the process. Third, the rules of evidence are more relaxed than in court. Fourth, arbitration hearings are usually confidential.

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Our lawyers at Shim Law offer the following arbitration services:
  • Arbitration over Commercial Disputes;
  • Arbitration over Breach of Contract Disputes;
  • Arbitration over Employment Disputes;
  • Arbitration over Family Disputes; and
  • Arbitration over Civil Disputes.