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Business Transactions

Choosing the appropriate business structure is essential to the protection and success of your business. Shim Law can help you set up or reorganize your business to protect your assets and to minimize your risk. We understand that above all else, businesses want to get their deals completed and we provide the legal solutions and advice to make that happen. Our lawyers provide timely and effective legal advice necessary when structuring, negotiating and completing successful business deals.


Those who wish to start their own business may run across certain pitfalls. Should I be a sole proprietor or be in a partnership? Should I create my own corporation? How many people should be involved? If the business fails, will I be personally liable? At Shim Law, our lawyers can assist you on all these issues and give you sound and practical advice on how to set up your business properly and in accordance to the most updated laws.

Detailed description

Our services for incorporation include the following:
  • incorporation, minute books & registered office;
  • unanimous shareholder agreements and shareholders disputes;
  • directors & shareholders resolutions;
  • business succession planning and corporate reorganizations;
  • declaration of dividends, management fees or bonuses;
  • redemption or repurchase of shares;
  • corporate policies, by-laws, & governance matters;
  • declaration of trusts;
  • change of directors, officers, registered office, or by-laws;
  • director’s indemnification agreements; and,
  • annual returns, resolutions, minutes, and minute book review.
Shim Law has advised and assisted many small business owners with the purchase or sale of their small business. The purchase or sale of a business can have significant risks and complications. We can assist you with the following:
  • preparing purchase and sale agreements;
  • lease review and assignments;
  • financing & security agreements;
  • advising regarding buyer and seller specific matters  liability issues;
  • reviewing contracts and other obligations of the business;
  • asset leases and rental agreements;
  • franchise or licensing agreements; and
  • registrations and searches.