Calgary Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime you may be in serious jeopardy. A criminal conviction could leave a permanent stain on your reputation, carry significant financial penalties, or result in the loss of your freedom. Shim Law is here to help you. With our experienced criminal lawyers we can help you navigate the criminal justice system and protect you from the machinery of the state.

From the moment you are accused of a crime the entire power of the Crown prosecutors office and the police are turned against you. We will identify the weaknesses in the Crown’s case, skillfully negotiate with the Crown to achieve a favourable disposition, and zealously defend you at trial. Choosing the right advocate is crucial for your criminal defence.

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We can represent you on the following offences:
  • Drug crimes; the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act creates a number of crimes involving the production, sale or possession of certain substances.
  • Property crimes; such as Theft, Mischief or Breaking and Entering.
  • Violent crimes; including Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence or Robbery.
  • Regulatory Offences; also known as Quasi-Criminal Offences. These are creations of various statutes at the Provincial and Federal level such as the Employment Insurance Act or the Fair Trading Act.
  • Speeding Tickets and Highway Traffic Act Offences
  • Impaired Driving; including Driving Over .08 and Refusing a Breathalyzer
  • Weapons Offences; you can be charged for possessing certain prohibited items, for concealing weapons on your person, or for storing or transporting weapons in an improper manner.
  • Youth Crime, the YCJA carries a number of special provisions and procedures that apply to individuals under the age of 18 who have been charged with a crime.