Wills_couple Questionnaire


1. Your full name and address.

2. Who would you like to appoint as the Executor (Trustee) under your will? They should be over 18. This can be a spouse or relative or other trusted individual. Please provide their full name and city of residence.

3. Would you like to have an alternate Executor appointed? If so, who? and residence?

4. Alternatively, you may wish to appoint co-Executors. Co-executors would make decisions jointly, whereas an alternate executor would act only if the primary executor was unable to act.

5. You may wish to appoint a second alternate, in the event that your first and second choices are unable to act.

6. Who do you wish to benefit from your estate?  If you are married, it is common to leave everything to your spouse. If you have children, or plan to have children, it is also common to leave everything to your children if your spouse predeceases you.

7. Assuming you will live a long life, do you wish to provide that your grandchildren will inherit your children's share, in the event that your child or children do not survive you?

8. Do you wish to provide for any alternate beneficiaries?

9. Do you wish the share of any minor children who might inherit a portion of your estate to be held in trust until they are 18, or 21, or some other age?

10. Do you have, or will you have, minor children for whom a guardian should be appointed? Ordinarily, you would appoint your spouse. You can then indicate an alternate, and perhaps a second alternate, in the event that the primary guardian is unable to act. It is recommended that you do not indicate a husband and wife together to be the guardian, but rather, one or the other of them, in case there should be a marriage breakup in the future.


11. Who do you wish to appoint as your Attorney under the EPA to handle your financial affairs? Name and city of residence. This individual can be your spouse.

12. Do you wish to appoint any alternates? They must be over 18.


13.  Who do you wish to appoint as your Personal Representative under your PD to make decisions regarding your personal affairs (healthcare/accommodations)? Again, this person can be your spouse.

14. Do you wish to appoint any alternates? Names and residence required.

15. Do you wish to incorporate a "living will" into your PD, to make provision that you do not wish to be kept alive artificially in the event of a terminal illness? Other specific choice of care directions or wishes can also be indicated, if desired.


16. Please indicate whether you have any other specific directions, or any questions regarding any of the above.