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3 Types of Spousal Support in Canada [Video]


Disclaimer: Please be advised that the following informational video and content should not be used as a substitute for any legal advice, financial advice or legal counsel but instead to be used as informational knowledge.  Please refer to our legal staff for any professional assistance!  

The following video is intended to help explain what the 3 types of spousal support are and will help you determine which one fits your current situation the best.  

During our consultations, our clients often ask us “what is spousal support?, how long do I have to support my former spouse?, how much do I have to pay?, etc”.  There is often a grey area between how long and how much you will have to pay.

It all depends on which type of spousal support you and your ex spouse choose.  The 3 types of spousal support in Alberta are:

  1. Contractual Spousal Support: A agreement between spouses, usually written and discussed between ex-spouses during their separation agreements.  
  2. Compensatory Spousal Support: An agreement usually suggested to couples who had a economic disadvantage because of the marriage.  This type of spousal support is intended to benefit both the partners. 
  3. Non-Compensatory Spousal Support: This type of agreement is a one sided compensation intended to support the needs of one partner.  During a marriage, one of the partners will most likely become economically interdependent from the spouse. Non-compensatory support can also be determined from if one spouses standard of living significantly declines from the economic relation from being previously married.  

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