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Calgary Business Lawyers

Business Transactions

Choosing the appropriate business structure is essential to the protection and success of your business. Shim Law can help you set up or reorganize your business to protect your assets and to minimize your risk. We understand that above all else, businesses want to get their deals completed and we provide the legal solutions and advice to make that happen. Our lawyers provide timely and effective legal advice necessary when structuring, negotiating and completing successful business deals.


Those who wish to start their own business may run across certain pitfalls. Should I be a sole proprietor or be in a partnership? Should I create my own corporation? How many people should be involved? If the business fails, will I be personally liable? At Shim Law, our lawyers can assist you on all these issues and give you sound and practical advice on how to set up your business properly and in accordance to the most updated laws.

Corporate Legal Services

Whether you need to incorporate a new corporation or maintain or make changes to the corporation you already have, our lawyers at Shim Law can provide you with the legal advice and assistance that you need.  

Registered Office

As a part of the legal services Shim Law offers, you can also make our office the registered office for your corporation.   Your registered office is the address that the Corporate Registry has for notices to your corporation, which can be separate from your business address.  Your corporation will receive mail from government agencies at its registered office unless you provide an alternative address for this. If there are any claims against your corporation, the initial court documents are also served upon your corporation at its registered office.  Our hope is that your corporation will not have any claims against it, but if it does, having a registered office that is not your place of business or your home may be better.  

Records Office

You can also make our office your records office and retain us to maintain your corporate Minute Book for you.   Maintaining the records for your corporation, and ensuring your corporate Minute Book is up to date and complete, is important, especially if your corporation pays dividends to its shareholders. 

Annual Returns

Shim Law also offers Annual Return services, which includes the preparation of the documents for your Minute Book.  Our lawyers can provide legal advice regarding meeting the annual requirements of the Business Corporations Act.  

Amendments, Restructuring, and Revivals  

Our lawyers can assist you and provide legal advice for amending your articles, restructuring your shareholdings, or reviving your corporation, if it was struck for not filing annual returns.  We can work with your tax advisors to ensure that you have the corporate structure that you need. 

Buying and Selling a Business

Whether you are buying or selling a small business, our lawyers can assist you with the transaction from the beginning to the end, from negotiating and drafting the contract to closing the transaction.  

Operating your Business

Our lawyers can help you with the operation of your business by giving you the legal advice necessary when structuring, negotiating and completing successful business deals as part of the operation of your business.  You can also retain our lawyers to review and draft contracts for your work, with your employees and subcontractors, and with your vendors and suppliers. We can also work with your accountant to implement your accountant’s recommendations to address the financial aspects of operating your business. 

Structuring your Business

There are several options for structuring your business.  You can operate your business as a sole proprietor, through a corporation, as part of a partnership or as a more complex combination of some of these.  From a legal perspective, there are potential advantages and disadvantages of each of the possible options. We can work with your to maximize the potential advantages and minimize the potential disadvantages of your chosen business structure.  

If your chosen business structure involves operating through a corporation or a partnership, our lawyers at Shim Law can help. 

Contact our Calgary Business Lawyers 

If you have any issues related to business law, please contact our office at (403) 476-2011 or book a consultation online to meet with our lawyers.  

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