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Calgary Trademark Lawyers

What we Offer?

Shim Law Offers Intellectual Property (IP) Services. They range from traditional copyright, Trademark, trade secret, with licensing and litigation expertise in all areas. 

What is Trademark? 

Trademarks is a combination of words, sounds, and designs. It helps you to DIFFERENTIATE your product from others to your customer and this enhances your REPUTATION and quality of your product and or services.  

What is our focal point?

Our Focus is to assist clients in the development of their business. The key assets of the business are Corporate Governance no matter how small or big the business is. Within this Corporate Governance, there are many components that need to be protected and one such asset is Trademark. 

Do you need to Register the Trademark? 

Registering Trademark defines ownership. By registering your Trademark, no one can use similar or identical Trademark to mislead customers or the public in general for a similar or identical product or services another business manages. Registration of Trademark provides: 

  • ownership of Trademark in the Jurisdiction it is registered.
  • Trademark last for 10 years in Canada (15 years for registration under the pre-June 17, 2019 version of the Trade Mark Act) 
  • protection of assets.
  • excluding passing off.
  • legally entitle to use the Trademark.
  • equates to security and value.
  • reduces legal cost in contentious litigation.
  • assists in licensing which can increase the popularity of your Trademark.

What happens to unregistered Trademark?

In Canada, if an unregistered Trademark has gain reputation in a particular geographical area, they are entitled to protection. In such a situation, the unregistered Trademark can block and invalidate registration and prevent the use of the Trademark throughout Canada, by applying the common law rights. Unregistered Trademark rights must be proven in a court of law. This would mean additional cost incurred by the business.

Benefits our Clients received

We have Experience and knowledge in the Canadian IP and South East Asian IP. We have Trademark Lawyers, who walk you through the process in Canada and work with Trademark agents from foreign jurisdiction, one such example is USA. Besides Canada, we also register trademarks in Singapore, and other parts of South East Asia. 

We Assist our clients in assessing the status of its IP rights and accordingly render proposals. We help them develop enforceable IP strategies which may give the best available protection to its IP assets during employments, negotiations, transactions, and other business operations. 

Shim Law Conducts Trademark research and evaluation for the clients. We negotiate with another third party for Trademark licensing or transaction on behalf of our clients.

Contact Us 

Our trademark lawyers at Shim Law Provides Trademark Services base on changing legislation, practices and clients needs the list below is inclusive but not an exhaustive list of requirements:

  • Conducts Trademark research.
  • Evaluation of the Trademark for the clients
  • Applying for Trademark via e-filing.
  • Amending Trademark application via e-filing.
  • Renewal of Trademark registration.
  • Registering Group Goods or Services (Nice Classification).
  • Sending general Correspondences. 
  • Filing Opposition of Trademarks.
  • Filing of Appeals.
  • Negotiating of Trademark with third party for Trademark licensing or related business transaction. 
  • Infringement and enforcement of rights.
  • Trademark and Copyright restrictions.
  • Assignment of Trademarks.
  • Sale and licensing agreements.
  • Sub-Licensing of Trademarks.
  • Sale and Purchase of Trademarks.
  • Provide registered office address to receive legal documentations pertaining to Trademark. 

Our Track records:

·         Advising Canadian retail business on making Trademark application and opposition.

·         Advising Canadian manufacturing company on making Trademark strategy.

·         Advising Canadian companies on negotiating with other Trademark holders.

·         Advising Canadian companies on IP transactions and Trademark sub-licensing.

To receive legal assistance related to trademarking, please contact our team of Calgary lawyers by calling (403) 476-2011 or booking a consultation online.  

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Shim Law is a multicultural law firm that provides legal services to clients in Calgary and around the world. With lawyers fluent in up to 20 languages, we can provide accurate legal representation regardless of language barriers. Our practice areas include family law, real estate law, and more.

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