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What is Child Custody?

Simply put, child custody decides who is in charge to take care of the children of the marriage during or after the divorce. There are four types of child custody:

  1. Joint, 
  2. Sole,
  3. Shared and
  4. Split 

You can apply to court for one of the custody options that would be appropriate depending on the circumstances or proceed by mutual agreement. 

What is Child Access? 

Access is the legal term for the right of the child and parent to spend time together. Although parents may not have a role in making final decisions, a parent with access has the right to receive information about the child’s education, health, and well-being.

Other family members, like grandparents, can also have the right to access. Usually, access is called “parenting” with the child. 

How to Apply for Child Custody

You can apply to the Provincial Court or the Court of Queen’s Bench. Your application needs to be supported by your Affidavit which will be reviewed by the court. Once you file the Application and Affidavit with Court, you need to serve all filed documents upon the opposing party.

Upon hearing both parties, the Judge may grant you with an appropriate custody and parenting time arrangements.  The Court Order must be followed by both parties until subsequent Order or mutual agreement by the parties. 

What to Expect during Child Custody Negotiations 

The first thing you need to understand is that the child custody should always work for the best interest of the child, not yourself nor your ex-spouse.

Always think about the best option for the child regarding child’s well-being, financial and educational support. If you are attending one of the mediation sessions or negotiations, then please contact us to discuss in detail.  

How can Our Child Custody Lawyers Help?

The legal staff at Shim Law always give maximum effort, passion and support to each and every one of our clients.  With that said, our lawyers can:

  • help you to make the right decision, 
  • come up with the best possible parenting arrangements,
  • prepare legal documents,
  • attend a hearing or trial and
  • negotiate or mediate with you

We can also assist you in drafting or reviewing your application and affidavit. Our assistance can be full representation or on a limited scope of services depending your needs and financial situations.  

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