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Refugee and Asylum in Calgary

Claiming Refugee Protection and Asylum in Calgary

Many refugees are in need of protection from external forces that put their very own lives at risk. Canada offers refuge and asylum to those in need.  At Shim Law we will do everything in our power to help ease your transition to Canada.  

In Canada, the 2 categories of refugee are Convention Refugee and Person in Need of Protection.  The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) will decide which category you belong too.  

There are 5 forms of persecution known worldwide: 

  1. Race
  2. Religion 
  3. Political Opinions
  4. Nationality 
  5. Social Groups 

To be eligible for a Convention Refugee status you must be able to meet 1 of the 5 points above and must prove that their country is unwilling or not able to provide them with basic state protection.  Some countries that may be included are Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, etc…  

A Person in Need of Protection is someone who is living in Canada and cannot return safely back to their country.  If they return the following may happen: 

  • Torture
  • Risk to their life 
  • Risk of unusual punishment and treatment 

For more information regarding asylum and refugee protection from Canada please visit the official Canada immigration website here

Refugee From Iran

If you are from Iran who is currently in need of protection from Canada based on the possible persecution due to his or her race, religion, political opinions, nationality and/or social groups, then please contact us at Shim Law. We have highly qualified lawyers and licensed immigration consultants working in immigration and refugee matters. We have previously represented Iranian clients who faced the danger and needed the protection. We have successfully represented the Iranian clients and they are now living in Calgary, Canada.

A Refugee Claim is a complicated process whereby people make critical mistakes or being unprepared for their hearing which could result in negative decisions. This means that you will get deported from Canada and send back to your country where you feel unsafe. At Shim Law, we are from multicultural backgrounds who understand the importance of your values, cultures and customs.

Our Experienced Calgary Immigration Lawyers and Consultants Can Help

If you’re seeking help with anything to do with immigration law, we would love to help.  Please contact our immigration team by calling (403) 476-2011, email us at [email protected] or click here to book a consultation. 

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