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Calgary Real Estate Lawyers

Why Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer in Calgary?

At Shim Law, our Calgary Real Estate Lawyers can help ease your mind during the real estate and property transaction phases.

We understand this is a big decision for you and your family especially since this may be one of the most significant purchases in your life.  By working with one of our lawyers, we will reduce your risks and provide a safety net for your long term investments. It is highly recommended to advise a Real Estate lawyer when you’re dealing with the buying, selling or refinancing of your homes.

Equipping yourself with a Real Estate Lawyer during any of the following documentations will tremendously benefit you in the long run.  We can save you time, reduce risk and most importantly save you money.

Real Estate Law Books and Gavel

Calgary Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Our team of Calgary Real Estate Lawyers are some of the most experienced and talented minds that work together to exceed your expectations.  They have handled a number of different cases ranging from residential real estate to more complex commercial real estate matters. 

We take pride in our Real Estate legal services and plan to show you first hand.  We understand that the paperwork involved with the purchasing or sale of a home takes up a lot of time and may create unwanted stress.  Our real estate team will work with you from the day of signing your agreement till the closing date and will ensure they handle your real estate issue to their highest quality of service.

Purchase of a Property

The purchasing of a property may take up a huge amount of your time and may create unwanted stress at a supposedly happy period of your life – when you’re just about to move into your new home.   Our professional real estate lawyers will review or prepare all the required legal documents which will include (and are not limited to):

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Legal and Mortgage Documents
  • Real Property Report
  • Alberta Land Title Searches and Documents
    • Review any encumbrances or potential liabilities of the property
    • Title Transfer and Ownership of Property
  • The Closing and Legal Binding

We do strongly suggest you to come see one of our lawyers before signing your Purchase and Sale Agreement.  Most of the time our clients come after they have signed the agreement and adding or changing any conditions after that will be more difficult since we will need the written consent of you and your seller.  

If you come see us to review your agreement (before signing), we can happily advise you on some beneficial conditions and reduce any long term disadvantages that may potentially appear because of hidden obligations on the agreement.  Our real estate team will aim to reduce costs, time, and assist your real estate matter as swiftly as possible.

Home Purchase From Builders

Purchasing a home from builders is slightly different than from real estate agents.  Here is a detailed look from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) on What To Expect From A Home Builder.  Our Real Estate lawyers are experienced with dealing with a wide range of builders from small city developers to very well known and established builders.  

We will review and assist you during your process of purchasing your home from builders by reviewing and preparing the necessary legal documents.  Our team will ensure you will not be using any unnecessary money or any wasted time to create the best possible transaction for you and your family.

Sale of Property

Normally, the realtor will prepare the signing of your agreement as the commission fee will cover this.  But as stated above, we do suggest you to meet our real estate lawyers before the signing of your purchase and sale agreement to ensure you will not be missing any legal obligations/documents.

During the sale of your property, please disclose any information about your property that you are aware of.  For instance, any encumbrances (liens, restrictions, encroachments, licenses, etc.), title qualifications, physical deficiencies of the property or structural damages.  This is extremely important as it can cause future problems for the purchaser and may give them the option to sue you. Our lawyers will help you close this sale and assist in legally binding your agreement with the purchaser’s lawyer.  

Common Real Estate Law Questions

Confused about your current situation? 

Below is a compiled list of some free resources about Real Estate Law:

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