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Calgary EPO Lawyers Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

What is EPO?

An Emergency Protection Order (“EPO”) can be acquired to protect one’s safety in immediate situation. It will be granted by the court and enforced by the police.

How to apply for EPO 

One should contact local Police Services or RCMP to apply for an EPO. Alternatively, you can go to the Provincial Court to apply for an EPO. 

Who can apply for EPO?

If you are applying for an Emergency Protection Order, you must consider whether the following is applicable to you or someone you know:

  • Violence or threats between family members
  • A likelihood that violence will continue
  • Evidence that immediate protection is required

Family violence can include the following:

  • Intentional or reckless act or omission causing injury, property damage or intimidation
  • Threats against family members that results in fear of property damage or injury
  • Forced confinement
  • Sexual abuse, and
  • Stalking

If you are considering obtaining an Emergency Protection Order, you must ensure that the Respondent falls in one of the categories defined as family members:

  • Married couples, adult interdependent relationships or those who are residing or have resided together in an intimate relationship
  • Persons who share children together
  • Persons who are related to each other by blood, marriage, adult interdependent relationship or adoption
  • Other circumstances relating to children and those residing together under custody orders

Our experienced professionals can discuss with you and determine whether your situation meets the requirements to justify an Emergency Protection Order.

Served With a EPO?

If you have been served with an Emergency Protection Order, our experienced professionals can provide you details about your options which may include:

  • Consenting to the terms of the Emergency Protection Order
  • ​Entering into a Mutual No Contact Order
  • Contesting the Emergency Protection Order and setting it down for Oral Evidence

Most Emergency Protection Orders last 1 year and usually place restrictions on any direct or indirect contact with Claimants.

If you are served with an Emergency Protection Order, please ensure that you avoid any and all communication with Claimants until such time your matter is addressed in court. Otherwise, you could face criminal charges.

Our experienced professionals can also provide you advice on the implications of children being included as part of Emergency Protection Orders. We can also discuss with you any exclusive possession orders granted with an Emergency Protection Order and the limitations they place on an individuals attendance and access to property.

How can our EPO Lawyers Help You?

Our lawyers can represent you whether you are the Claimant or the Respondent. We review the original court documents and the transcript of the initial EPO Hearing, prepare an Affidavit for you, and attend the Review Hearing to stand on your side and defend your story and seek the appropriate remedy for you.

Furthermore, we can assist with your family matter once the EPO matter is settled, such as parenting issue, divorce and/or other related family matters.

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