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IRCC News: Protection and Assistance for Victims of Human Trafficking

Are you a victim of human trafficking?

Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can protect victims of human trafficking by issuing a special temporary resident permit (TRP).

This permit gives potential victims legal immigration status in Canada:

  • the permit is valid for up to 180 days or depending on each situation, and IRCC can reissue the TRP at the end of the 180-day period;
  • the prospect can also get health-care benefits and trauma counselling;
  • the prospect may also apply for a fee-exempt work permit.

The benefits of a TRP are:

  • to escape the influence of traffickers;
  • to give time to decide whether the prospect wants to return home;
  • to allow recovery from physical or mental trauma;
  • to allow taking part in the investigation or prosecution of the traffickers, or
  • to allow a living without fear of persecution by the traffickers.

Here in Canada, the prospects do not have to testify against their traffickers to get temporary or permanent resident status. There is no fee for an initial TRP or a work permit for victims of trafficking.

According to IRCC: if the prospect thinks that is a victim of trafficking, or anybody knows someone who is, please visit or contact the closest IRCC office, or call IRCC toll free: 1 888 242-2100 (from within Canada only). If help is needed right away, call your local police or 911.>>

Also, you can contact our office for more information and/or direct you to the nearest IRCC office.

Source: IRCC website

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