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Jae Shim and Cristina Rozmarin successfully handled my refugee claim case. They have been very professional and extremely supportive along the process. I thank them both so much for make it possible for me to obtain permanent residence in Canada and to be able to bring my family to safety.
- M.I. (Turkey)
Mani and his team were fantastic in helping us close our Home sale. They were attentive to our questions and very prompt in getting us responses. Mani was very knowledgeable in some of the finer aspects of Real Estate Law. There was a situation that arose over the holidays where our mortgage bank did not receive the closing funds for the sale of the house due to an error on the Fedex delivery driver. We were charged two extra mortgage payments erroneously. I called Mani and to my dismay his offices were closed for the holidays. After a quick email, Mani responded on the phone and said he would look into it. Within the next hour, he had figured out what went wrong and promised to rectify it quickly. Over the next day, Mani and Tasha (Mani's fantastic Legal Aide) had resolved the issue and informed me the refund would be in my account in the next few days. Throughout the process Tasha phoned me and provided updates of the situation until the money was deposited in our account. Outstanding!
-A.B. (Google Review)
Words can not describe how grateful I am to Simone . I was at the edge of the cliff, the end of the rope and had no where else to turn until I found her. Simone went the extra miles and was always there for me above and beyond our client / lawyer relationship. Simone, I am your most grateful client and that comes from my heart. Highly recommend Simone Conrad and Shim Law firm.
-K.L. (Google Review)
We contacted Shim Law in January last year to get help for our spousal sponsorship application outside of Canada. With a friendly approach, Cristina consulted with us and provided such valuable guidelines. We instantly valued her great customer service and professionalism, and we appointed her as our immigration representative. The application was soon filed with immigration Canada and after ten months my partner obtained Canadian permanent residency and successfully landed in Canada. We are thankful for such personalized service and the support of a warm-hearted team of professionals. Thank you!
-B.R. & V.R. (Kosovo)
Jae and the team at Shim Law were very professional and provided great communication with my file. Quick to respond to emails and phone calls. As well willing to take the extra effort to support me with options. I felt this was not the norm for me with lawyers but the exception. My past line of commination with lawyers was them sending me the invoice was an indication of an update on my file. You will not feel this with Shim Law. My company was blessed to have Shim Law in my corner. Thank you for making this a seamless and pain free legal matter for me.
-D.M. (Google Review)
Shim Law was a life saver! Initially, I had unsuccessfully applied for permanent residency prior to seeking assistance from Shim Law. Shim Law were recommended to me via a friend. From our first meeting through to receiving my permanent residence status, they were extremely helpful, available and easy to communicate with. Cristina Rozmarin, Immigration Practice Lead, guided me through every step with professionalism, empathy and alacrity. Cristina was passionate about my case, expeditious with the application process, swift at responding to all my queries and kept me well updated on the status of my application. I would highly recommend Shim Laws services to anyone requiring assistance with immigration processes and I only wish that I had utilised them sooner!
- L.W. & J.I.
Shim Law went above and beyond to help me with my refugee case. My claim has been accepted by the Immigration Refugee Board of Canada – Refugee Protection Division and I am so grateful for this positive result. I am now feeling much safer as I found my peace. Mani Peydayesh and Cristina Rozmarin have been more than professional and supportive along my process and I am so thankful for that. God help these good people and thank you Canada!
-H.M. (Iran)
I contacted Shim Law for my refugee case and this was a choice I know I will never regret. During my second meeting, Mani Peydayesh had done his research about my case and the situation in my country and was up to date with everything I already knew and a whole lot more. Mani and Cristina handled my case very well. The package that was built for my case was very professionally done, at no point along the line did I think I should have made another choice. One thing that really stuck with me was how Mani remembered a lot of details about my case like names and dates, some which I struggled with because it had been over two years since the incidents happened. This I found and a lot more to be really professional and remarkable. And in the end, I am very happy that they got me a positive approval with my refugee case. This was an experience I will never forget. Now I am glad to be able to remain and work in Canada and be with my family, Thank you very much Mani Peydayesh and Cristina Rozmarin.
- H.M. (Cameroon)
It was mid 2017 when I was seeking professional advice and a second opinion from Shim Law office. That was the moment I met Cristina and after our meeting I have decided to appoint Cristina as my new immigration representative and cancel my former legal representative on file. By the time I was consulting with Cristina I was already out of status and very worried about my situation. I was also very disappointed about the services I received from my former representative. Cristina assured me that my case will be handled with care and due diligence as to ease the understanding of the immigration process and the complexity of my humanitarian and compassionate (‘H&C’) application. My hands were held with genuine care, Cristina and the office’s staff were extremely nice, understanding about my situation and very professional. I received the first stage of approval for my permanent residence (‘PR’) application within Canada in January of this year, and this fall I got landed as a PR being ever grateful for Shim Law staff and professionals. Now I can call Canada my new home and the feeling is so rewarding!
- Candy Shen (China)

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