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Shim Law Scholarship 2024

Apply by June 30, 2024
For the Next Generation of Leaders


June 30, 2024

What is It?

Shim Law is a full service law firm located in Calgary, AB.  We are always looking for ways to support our next generation of leaders which is why the Annual Shim Law Scholarship was created.  

This year, we want to focus on divorce law and have our 2 topics to be centered around this practice.  

For this scholarship, please choose 1 of the specified topics below.

Important Notice

Please direct your questions to [email protected] 

Do not call or email the office for scholarship questions.  

Include Your Answers:

Please explain this with the use of an infographic and use credible data to support your claims.  Please also include a case law analysis and any relevant Alberta legislation (use some of the most recent Alberta case law to answer this topic)

Please remember to source any data you may use on your submission as well. 

Please explain this with the use of a infographic and use credible data to support your claims.  Please also include a case law analysis (use some of the most recent Alberta case law to answer this topic.)

Please remember to source any data you may use on your submission as well.    

Eligibility Requirements

What to Submit

  • Applicants must submit a infographic regarding one of the topics above
  • Application deadline is June 30, 2024 at 12:00 am – any submission after this will not be accepted
  • Please show proof of enrolment when submitting your scholarship application

Who Can Apply

  • Any Canadian or American University/College 
  • Any University/College Program
  • Any Years of Study
  • The winner will be based on how creative and informative they answer the topics above.  It will be reviewed by our team at Shim Law.

Application Instructions

  • Please submit your applications to [email protected] and include:

  • NamePhone Number and Mailing Address
  • Proof of Enrolment at a Canadian/American University 
  • Your creative and informative piece as an  attachment to my email
  • Have your subject line as “Shim Law Scholarship 2024”

Award Summary

  • Award Name: Shim Law Scholarship 2024

  • Award Value: $1,000

  • Application Deadline:  June 30, 2024

  • Eligibility:  Open to any student enrolled in a Canadian/American University or College attending any post-secondary program.  

*All submissions will have a chance of getting published on our official website or other legal publications.  We want to share your great ideas and it may benefit you in the future! 

Winner Notification

The winner of the scholarship will be posted on this webpage after June 30, 2024 – It will take approximately 4 weeks after the submission deadline to contact our winning submission. We will post the winner on the front page of our website!

We look forward to reviewing every application and best of luck!