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What is the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program

When dealing with child support issues, navigating the legal system can be challenging. In Alberta, the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program serves as a vital resource for families seeking clarity and resolution in child support disputes. This specialized program aims to streamline the process, reducing the emotional and financial strain on all parties involved. 

With the experience of Shim Law, clients can effectively leverage this program to ensure their rights and responsibilities are clearly understood and fairly implemented. This article will explore the program’s eligibility criteria, the legal process involved, and the specific benefits it offers, providing invaluable insights for those considering or currently engaged in child support cases within Alberta’s legal system.

What is the King's Bench Child Support Resolution Program

Eligibility Criteria for the Resolution Program

Understanding who qualifies for the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program is the first step for anyone looking to resolve child support disputes in Alberta. This section will detail the necessary conditions and prerequisites required to apply for this program.

Who Can Apply?

The King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program is designed for parents and guardians who are looking to resolve child support disputes without prolonged litigation. The primary eligibility requirement is that both parties must agree to participate in the program voluntarily. It’s essential that both parties demonstrate a willingness to negotiate and abide by the program’s structured framework.

Legal Residency Requirements

Participants must be legal residents of Alberta and must have legal custody or guardianship of the child or children involved. The program typically handles cases where the child support arrangements were initially determined in Alberta, although exceptions can be made for those who have recently moved to the province.

Financial Disclosure

A complete and honest disclosure of financial status is a crucial component of the eligibility criteria. Both parties must submit detailed financial statements that include income, assets, debts, and expenses. This transparency allows for a fair assessment and determination of child support payments.

Current Status of Child Support

The program is not limited to new child support cases; it also caters to individuals seeking modifications to existing child support agreements. Whether there’s been a significant change in financial circumstances, such as a job loss or a substantial increase in income, or changes in the child’s needs, this program can address these adjustments.

Involvement of Legal Representation

While legal representation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Lawyers, such as those from Shim Law, can provide crucial guidance and representation, ensuring that all legal forms are correctly completed and that the clients’ rights are vigorously defended throughout the process.

This eligibility framework ensures that the program can effectively serve those who are genuinely interested in finding a cooperative resolution to their child support issues. With Shim Law’s expertise, navigating this initial phase can be straightforward and stress-free, setting the stage for a successful resolution.

The Legal Process Involved

The legal process of the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program in Alberta is structured to promote efficiency and fairness. This section outlines the key steps involved, from the initial application to the final resolution, highlighting the role of Shim Law in facilitating the process.

Initial Application and Assessment

The first step involves submitting an application to the Court of King’s Bench. This application must include all required documents, such as financial statements and custody agreements. Once the application is submitted, it undergoes a preliminary assessment to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met.

Mediation and Negotiation Sessions

If the application is accepted, the next step involves mediation sessions. These sessions are designed to help both parties reach an agreement on child support payments. Mediators, who are typically experienced family law professionals, guide the discussions and help address any conflicts. Shim Law lawyers play a critical role here, representing their clients’ interests and facilitating negotiations to ensure fair outcomes.

Drafting the Agreement

Once an agreement is reached during mediation, the terms are drafted into a formal document. This document outlines all agreed-upon aspects of child support, including the amount, duration, and payment intervals. Shim Law ensures that the agreement complies with all legal standards and fully protects the client’s rights.

Court Approval

The drafted agreement is then submitted to the court for approval. A judge reviews the agreement to ensure it is just and equitable for all parties involved, especially the children. Shim Law’s legal expertise is crucial in presenting the case and advocating for the agreement during this review.

Implementation and Follow-Up

After court approval, the agreement becomes legally binding. Shim Law assists clients in implementing the agreement and provides ongoing support for any future modifications required due to changing circumstances, such as financial changes or adjustments in the child’s needs.

Understanding and navigating these steps can be complex, but with the guidance of Shim Law, clients can achieve satisfactory resolutions that uphold the best interests of their children.

Benefits of Using the King’s Bench Program for Child Support Disputes

The King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program offers several advantages for resolving child support disputes in Alberta. This section highlights how the program benefits participants, with a particular focus on how Shim Law can enhance these advantages for their clients.

Efficiency and Speed

One of the main benefits of the King’s Bench Program is its efficiency. By streamlining the dispute resolution process, the program helps reduce the time it takes to reach a settlement. This is particularly beneficial for parents who wish to minimize disruption to their lives and reduce the emotional stress involved in prolonged legal disputes. Shim Law’s guidance ensures that all preparations are thorough, further speeding up the process by avoiding common delays.


Legal disputes can be expensive, especially when they extend over a long period. The King’s Bench Program is designed to reduce costs by shortening the duration of the legal process and minimizing the need for extensive court hearings. Shim Law supports this cost-effectiveness by providing expert legal advice and representation, ensuring that clients make informed decisions that prevent costly mistakes or unnecessary litigation.

Focus on Children’s Best Interests

The program prioritizes the best interests of the children involved, aiming to provide resolutions that support their well-being. This includes ensuring that child support payments are fair and reflect the needs of the children. Shim Law lawyers are adept at navigating these considerations, advocating for agreements that best support the child’s developmental and educational needs.

Collaborative Approach

Unlike traditional court battles, the King’s Bench Program encourages a more collaborative approach to dispute resolution. This approach promotes better communication between parents, which can lead to more sustainable and amicable agreements. Shim Law facilitates this collaboration, helping clients communicate effectively and negotiate in a constructive manner.

Legal Certainty and Binding Agreements

Once an agreement is approved by the court, it becomes legally binding. This gives both parties a clear understanding of their obligations and rights. Shim Law ensures that all agreements are drafted accurately and comply with legal standards, providing clients with the security of knowing that the agreement is enforceable and legally sound.

These benefits highlight why the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program is a valuable resource for those involved in child support disputes in Alberta. Shim Law’s expertise in this area can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the program for its clients.

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The King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program offers a valuable pathway for resolving child support disputes in Alberta. This program is designed to streamline the legal process, reduce costs, and focus on the best interests of children, all within a framework that promotes fairness and collaboration. For clients of Shim Law, the benefits of this program are enhanced by the firm’s expertise and dedication to ensuring that legal proceedings are handled with precision and care.

Shim Law plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through the complexities of the King’s Bench program, from the initial application to the final implementation of the court-approved child support agreement. Their lawyers provide strategic advice and skilled negotiation that safeguard the interests of both the child and the parent, ensuring that the resolutions are not only equitable but also sustainable over time.

For those facing the challenges of child support disputes, partnering with Shim Law in navigating the King’s Bench Child Support Resolution Program can be a decisive factor in achieving a positive outcome. With their support, clients can expect a process that is less daunting, more cost-effective, and ultimately more beneficial for all parties involved, especially the children.Please contact us today at 403-476-2011 or book a consultation online to learn more. 

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