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William Wister selected to serve on the Legal Aid Alberta Major Cases Panel

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to William Wister on his selection to serve on the Legal Aid Alberta Major Cases Panel for a three-year term. Your appointment is a testament to your exemplary legal skills, dedication, and unwavering commitment to justice. Your extensive expertise in the field and your outstanding contributions have been recognized, and we are confident that your presence on the panel will greatly enhance its capabilities. Your tireless efforts in providing crucial legal assistance to those in need will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of many. We wish him with every success and fulfillment during his tenure on the Major Cases Panel.

About William Wister

William is one of the most experienced lawyers at Shim Law – he has been actively working in the criminal law industry for 28 years now.

Wister has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise at every level of criminal law from working as the former (Chief) Crown Prosecutor in 2 different regions in Canada (Alberta and New Brunswick).

Wister is proactively involved with his community and consistently gives back to the next generation of leaders. He is a former teacher at Lethbridge College and helped guide students through a criminal law curriculum and by teaching ethical procedures.

With his past experience as a Former Crown Prosecutor, he understands how the Criminal justice system works and how the crown acts and thinks.

With Wister working on your case – he will establish his expertise in each client’s situations and help you succeed each case.

If you’re interested in working with William Wister, please call now or book a consultation online.

William Wister offers a free initial 30 minute consultation to explain some possible solutions to you.

About Shim Law

Shim Law is a multicultural law firm that provides legal services to clients in Calgary and around the world. With lawyers fluent in up to 20 languages, we can provide accurate legal representation regardless of language barriers. Our practice areas include family law, real estate law, and more.

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